Growing Tips

Growing Tips for your Frangipani tree

frangipani tree
Frangipani potted up in 140mm pot with a welldrained media.

Your frangipani will grow in a range of conditions; however, here are some tips to ensure you achieve the best results from your tropical treasure.

  • Pot your frangipani plants up as soon as you receive them as they may have had a stressful trip. We would recommend a 140mm – 200mm pot with a well-drained potting media.
  • Water in well with a seaweed based product such as Seasol or Natrakelp to give them a boost and stimulate new root growth.
  • Once the root ball has filled the pot and your frangipani is making new growth it is ready to be planted out in a welldrained, sunny position. Water regularly for the first year until well established and then occasional watering will be sufficient. Flower colour can be intensified by reduced watering.
  • A good layer of mulch around the frangipani tree will conserve moisture and protect the roots. A handful of general purpose fertiliser 3-4 times a year will help to keep your plant healthy. You could also apply a liquid fertiliser every two weeks or so for the first season.
  • In cooler climates your frangipani will need special attention. Plant against a north facing wall to maximise the effects of winter sunshine, mulch well with a dark coloured mulch to absorb heat, and cut back on water and fertiliser just before the winter months to discourage new growth that could suffer from frost damage.

Frangipanis make ideal potted specimens, particularly in cooler areas. For example, dwarf varieties (Singapore Pink and Cherry Cluster), Bridal Bouquet (Plumeria pudica), and Sunburst will add a tropical feel to a sunny courtyard.

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