Terms and Conditions

East Kimberley Frangipanis is pleased to offer customers a lay-by facility. East Kimberley Frangipanis will hold your selected plants until you have paid the total agreed price within a fixed period.
A lay-by agreement is a legally binding contract so it is important that you understand all the terms and conditions before taking advantage of this option.

A deposit of 20% of the total agreed price is required to be paid at the beginning of the agreement. If you change your mind, or are unable to complete the payments the deposit will be retained by East Kimberley Frangipanis as fair damages.

Lay-by period
Any lay-by agreement will be for a maximum period of six months.

Instalments will be calculated for each customer but at least one payment must be paid each month. Your lay-by agreement will detail the instalments required. Instalments paid will be recorded on your lay-by agreement and a receipt issued. If you are late making a payment the agreement will be cancelled. Any instalments already paid will be refunded and the deposit retained by East Kimberley Frangipanis.

The price of plants on lay-by cannot be changed.

Storage of goods
There is no charge for storing plants on lay-by.
Cancellation – customer
The agreement will be cancelled if you:
 change your mind are late making an agreed payment are unable to complete payment in full.
Any instalments already paid will be refunded and the deposit retained by East Kimberley Frangipanis.

Cancellation – East Kimberley Frangipanis
If East Kimberley Frangipanis are unable to supply the plants when all payments have been made, we are in breach of the contract. You will be entitled to a refund of all money paid, including the deposit.

For further information on lay-by agreements visit

Please contact us if you wish to purchase your plants using our lay-by facility.

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  1. First time buying,lovely range & I think the lay-by service is a wonderful idea for the more expensive plants.very excited too get my first order.

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